Product Safety

AdVantage Industries strives to provide safe products, and we take that responsibility very seriously. That's why we want to give you an update on the ongoing implementation of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (the "CPSIA").

Among other things, the CPSIA establishes standards for phthalate content in children's toys and substrate lead content in children's products. Phthalates are chemical compounds sometimes used in certain plastics. The term substrate generally refers to the components of a product other than paint or other surface coating. The substrate lead and phthalate standards became effective February 10, 2009.

Even before the CPSIA was signed into law, we've been taking steps aimed at strengthening and improving our product safety standards with the goal of meeting or exceeding standards established by the CPSIA.

These are some of the steps we take:

  • We actively engage our suppliers on product safety matters by:
    • Instructing our suppliers that all product shipped to us is required to meet or exceed all applicable standards.
    •  Providing information and training related to safety requirements.
    • Conducting factory inspections.
    • Regularly reviewing suppliers' compliance.
  • Samples of every children's product are tested. We do not authorize shipment of products unless the test results meet both our requirements and federal safety requirements.
  • Our product testing is performed by one of the world's largest independent consumer product testing laboratories
  • Our products are tested according to standards established by the CPSC, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and other state and federal agencies. Because ASTM standards include tests for cadmium, lead and other metals, the toys we sell pass ASTM tests for cadmium.
  • A proper certificate of conformity accompanies the shipment of products we purchase.

In addition to the CPSIA, there are numerous other federal product safety laws and regulations which AdVantage Industries observes. Occasionally, individual states adopt regulations that are different from applicable federal requirements. In order to accommodate such unique situations, AdVantage Industries may adjust its product offerings or make products unavailable to customers who reside in such states.

AdVantage Industries strives to lead the industry on product safety. We are confident that our products are safe.

Thank you for your business and for your confidence in AdVantage Industries.