Direct Importing & Custom Manufacturing

“Use our Experience to Your AdVantage!”

At AdVantage Industries we specialize in Custom product manufacturing and Direct Import purchasing for our customers. Unlike the majority of suppliers and companies who make the claims of being “experts in the field”, we have been designing, manufacturing, and importing for over 25 years. AdVantage maintains a knowledgeable staff of engineers, quality control inspectors, freight managers, and customer service personnel in China and Hong Kong for direct oversight of your custom orders.

China Staff
Your AdVantage Team in China

Innovative product design, material selection, ASTM Safety testing, FDA and FCC compliance standards, patent evaluation, freight logistics, custom package design, and quality control are the “essential elements” addressed in every project. AdVantage Industries currently markets and inventories over 1500 different items and markets the widest variety of merchandise in the Promotional Products business! Our past buying history and positive relationships with quality factories and vendors permit us a comfort level and product knowledge on custom projects that others cannot duplicate.

In most situations, we are “family” to our suppliers and this goodwill and attention to detail permit us to confidently meet your tight delivery schedules with the correct, quality products that you intended to purchase for your clients. Click on the links on the right to see the range of items for which we have “expert knowledge” and we will never embark on any project not within our control. Our strong financial condition allows us the ability to finance your projects. In addition, our multi-lingual staff, and 24/7 work ethic will confirm that we are the best partner for your valued custom or import project.

Call us with your opportunities! We are “Your AdVantage” in Custom Product Design and Importing! Your AdVantage Team in China!

Still not sure about importing and custom manufacturing? Click here to learn more about what is involved when creating new products and making contacts overseas.

View Examples of Custom Products
Recreational Products
Inflatable's and Blimps
Paper and Plastic Shopping Bags
Injection Molded Plastics
Custom Tins
Paper and Vinyl Stickers
Unique Housewares
Magnetic, Wood and Paper Puzzles
Custom Chalk and Crayons
Playing Cards
Ceramic and Porcelain Items
Custom Leather Products
Vinyl Specialties
Metal Products
Custom Bags
Unusual Items
Pharmaceutical Items
LED Lighted Products
Talking Specialties